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Wang shutian, President of the textile machinery association: improving innovation is the core

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Improving innovation capacity remains the core of China's textile machinery industry. In addition to the efforts of the textile machinery enterprises themselves, the China textile machinery association, as an industry organization and representatives of enterprises in the industry, will also provide assistance.

In 2017, the market situation of the spinning machine is generally warming up, many enterprises have full orders, and many enterprises have too many orders to be busy. However, at the same time, there are still many problems such as high production cost, difficult to make money, homogenization of products and lack of professional and technical talents.


In 2018, will the spinning machine market continue to be in good shape? What will happen to the development environment? What should be the focus of industry and enterprise development?

The four features show the adjustment results

In 2017, the market of spinning machines is generally in good shape, and sales of almost all product categories have increased. According to wang shutian's analysis, the operation of the spinning machine industry in 2017 has four main characteristics:

First, the industrial economy is running smoothly and growing, both in quantity and quality.

Due to the stable operation of the domestic textile industry as a whole and the warming demand of the international and domestic textile market, the economic operation indexes of China's textile machinery industry have been improved, and the import and export trade volume of textile machinery products has both increased. The textile machinery industry has made great efforts to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, build a multi-point support system, and follow up the development of "One Belt And One Road". In the first three quarters of 2017, the operation situation is better than that of the same period of 2016.

Second, the industrial restructuring has made significant progress.

Mr Wang says this progress is seen in many ways. For example, at the level of national policy support, a number of intelligent manufacturing projects for spinning machines have been supported and have achieved results in pilot demonstration in some key areas. The product structure adjustment of the spinning machine has achieved results and the product variety is more abundant. In the 1980s and 1990s, cotton spinning equipment accounted for more than 40 percent of the industry, and now accounts for about 30 percent. This does not mean that the total amount of spinning equipment itself is decreasing, but that other sectors are growing rapidly. For example, knitting machinery and nonwoven fabric equipment are growing rapidly. Especially in the past weak chemical fiber equipment and non-woven fabric equipment in the field of leapfrog progress. In these areas, the timely introduction of new models has played a positive role in promoting the structural adjustment of the textile industry. Meanwhile, the structure of textile machinery products is more reasonable. In addition, many new products have been developed around energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence.

Third, the textile machinery enterprises attach more importance to technological innovation and have made breakthroughs in many technical fields.

Four spinning machine projects won the first prize in the 2017 China textile industry federation science and technology award recently. "To win the market by products and technology" has become the consensus of the textile mills. Major enterprises in the textile industry have accelerated the establishment of scientific and technological innovation mechanisms and increased investment in technology research and development. According to the survey conducted by the China textile machinery association on the key enterprises with technical representation in the industry, the investment amount of enterprise technology development has been increasing in the proportion of the annual sales volume of the enterprise. In addition, in the product research and development aspect, established the production studies research union stable model.

Fourth, the level of enterprise management and industry self-discipline has been improved.

Wang shutian believes that in recent years, China's textile machinery enterprises operate more standardized and scientific management. In July 2017, fujian ruineng technology co., ltd. was successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, adding new members to the listed textile machinery enterprises. In October 2017, guangdong jinlu technology co., LTD successfully entered the new third board capital market. By listing on the stock market or listing on the new third board, spinning enterprises operate in a more standardized way, and their management is more open and transparent. Golden wheel needle cloth (jiangsu) co., LTD., after receiving the "national quality award for textile industry", was awarded the "national quality award for encouragement" in 2017.

In addition, in terms of industry self-discipline, major domestic rapier loom manufacturers have signed a self-discipline convention in response to the serious phenomenon of low price competition and credit sale in the field of weaving machines, and the enterprises have basically implemented the self-discipline convention. In the recent stage, the market of high-grade rapier looms has been improving, and the supply of products is in short supply. Most rapier loom enterprises have higher down payment and recovery period than the requirements of self-discipline convention, and China textile machinery association has received fewer complaints of unfair competition. Subsequently, the printing and dyeing machinery industry and the circular weft machine industry have issued the "industry self-discipline initiative" or "industry self-discipline convention", calling on enterprises to benign competition and promote the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

Develop high quality products in line with market changes

Looking ahead to 2018, wang shutian believes that despite many positive factors, 2018 will be a year of change. In the face of high comprehensive production cost, it is still a developing trend to develop intelligent manufacturing and improve production efficiency. In addition, according to customer demand and market changes, it is also important to expand the international market and promote the export of spinning machines.

Serving the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry is the main line of the development of the textile industry. Analyzing the future development of China's textile industry, wang shutian believes that the high price of cotton and other textile materials, coupled with the rising cost of electricity and labor, will test the competitiveness of domestic textile enterprises. In order to cope with the continuous increase of production costs, the application of innovative equipment to reduce labor, using big data, Internet technology and other technologies to improve the production efficiency of machine equipment is an obvious development trend. On the other hand, the trend of textile industry to move from domestic to foreign countries and from the east to the Midwest is also obvious because some rising costs cannot be digested.



"The basic thinking of the textile industry has not changed," says Mr Wang. In order to meet the needs of transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, the textile machinery enterprises should continue to make efforts in promoting equipment technological innovation from the aspects of intelligence, efficiency and cost reduction, and environmental protection. First of all, we should continue to develop complete sets of continuous production equipment with high intelligence, less manpower, high reliability and high efficiency. Secondly, the energy consumption and production efficiency of single machine should be further improved. Third, we should improve the supply chain system and try to establish a more open model in the form of alliances and other forms. By China Textile Machinery association, Beijing Machinery automation research institute, Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd, vi design and research institute of mechanical industry Co., Ltd., Jingwei Textile Machinery Company Limited, zhengzhou Textile Machinery engineering Co., Ltd., and so on more than 30 units of the Textile industry solution supplier alliance was launched, intelligent manufacturing system will be built for the Textile industry intelligence on the supply side and demand side to provide strong support.

In addition, wang noted that in 2017, the total value of textile machinery imports again exceeded the total value of exports. From January to October 2017, the import amount of spinning machines was usd 2.808 billion, and the export volume was usd 2.708 billion. Through careful analysis of the import and export of textile machinery, it can also be seen that the market demand structure of the spinning machine changes and the low-end product market moves outward. In the future, the Chinese market will be mainly high-end, and the requirements for the spinning machine equipment will be increasingly high. Textile enterprises should actively adapt to the changes in the market situation, adjust the main direction of attack, and further increase the research and development and innovation in the middle and high-end equipment field.

In view of the textile industry transfer, the textile machinery enterprises should also follow the market change, pay attention to the trend of the textile industry transfer, and carry out the market layout as soon as possible. Wang shutian said that in order to help textile mills seize the rare historical opportunity brought by xinjiang's textile development, the China textile machinery association organized the heads of 30 key domestic textile mills to go to xinjiang for a four-day in-depth investigation in 2017. In addition, nearly 100 Chinese textile machinery enterprises were also organized to participate in the 2017 ITMACH INDIA exhibition held in December, which showcased the latest research and development results, enhanced the image of Chinese spinning machines and helped enterprises to expand the Indian market. These activities have achieved good results.

We will continue to innovate and promote technological progress in the industry

On the whole, wang shutian believes that "improving innovation capability is still the core of the development of China's textile machinery industry". In addition to the efforts of the textile machinery enterprises themselves, the China textile machinery association, as an industry organization and representatives of enterprises in the industry, will also provide assistance.

According to wang shutian, the China textile machinery association will launch a number of new measures this year in order to continue to promote technological progress in the industry. For example, aiming at the existence of textile machinery enterprise r&d investment, talent incentive mechanism, the protection of intellectual property rights and the industry-university-institute cooperation mechanism is not yet meet the requirements for the equipment manufacturing industry development in many aspects, the study of basic technology attaches great importance to the problems such as insufficient, in 2018 China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition opened "research innovation zone" and provides the research innovation zone subsidy, promote innovation results out of the campus and research institutions, integrated industry and enterprise.

In promoting the global distribution of textile machinery enterprises, China textile machinery association will continue to organize enterprises to participate in foreign exhibitions such as Jakarta international textile and garment machinery exhibition 2018 held by Indonesia this year. Based on the experience of the exhibition last year, we will choose the exhibition platform with higher quality and better effect to help enterprises to explore the international market more effectively.

In addition, China textile machinery association's own construction will continue to improve. In order to better serve the industry enterprises, the association of these two years on its own organization structure adjustment, the business sector, according to the division of process for the spinning machinery, weaving machinery, printing and dyeing, knitting machinery, chemical and industrial machinery and so on five industry, and gradually formed a knitting machinery, weaving machinery association, spinning machinery branch, nonwoven machinery, printing and dyeing machinery association and chemical fiber machinery branch.

"The purpose of each branch is to better promote industry innovation and market expansion, so that industrial enterprises can do things for themselves and participate in the development of the industry," Mr Wang said. With these chapters, similar businesses can sit together to discuss issues and share experiences in various fields. The China textile machinery association will be replaced next year, and its organizational form will change. In the future, the branches will play a greater role.

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