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How to use Internet of things technology to promote smart textile

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The Internet of Things (IOT), as one of the core driving forces of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, is the core infrastructure to promote the digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Deepening the application of the Internet of things in the textile industry is of great significance to promoting the high-quality development and intelligent transformation of the industry. 


The so-called Internet of things (iot) refers to an intelligent service system that connects objects, people, systems and information resources through sensing devices and in accordance with agreed agreements to process and respond to information in the physical and virtual world. As the extension and development of the Internet and the mobile Internet, the Internet of things has extended the range of network terminals from high-processing computers and mobile phones to low-processing terminals and even general goods. It has realized a wider range, higher efficiency and more accurate link between people, people and things and things. 


As an important component of China's modern economic system, the high quality development of the textile industry is the objective requirement of industrial reality and economic law, as well as the realistic choice to adapt to the new situation of development and the transformation of major contradictions. The textile industry faces three gateways to promote high-quality development, namely power, quality and efficiency. 


It is necessary to deepen the application of the Internet of things in the textile industry and accelerate the transition of the Internet of things from low-level tools and products to the infrastructure and key elements of reconstructing the value chain. Based on the Internet of things (iot), it integrates big data, cloud computing, block chain, artificial intelligence and other information technologies to connect all links of the textile value chain and promote the optimal allocation of factor resources. With the direction of intelligent production, intelligent operation, intelligent products and intelligent services, the intelligent manufacturing system of the textile industry based on the Internet of things is constructed to promote the intelligent transformation.

Promoting intelligent production

To strengthen the application of Internet of things technology in textile machinery, research and development of high-end textile manufacturing equipment with deep perception, intelligent decision-making and automatic execution function, and improve equipment informatization level; From the point of view of opening up the entire production and operation process of the enterprise, the intelligent production line and intelligent factory will be built step by step to realize the efficient flow and docking of resources in all links from product design to sales, so as to ensure the stability and efficiency of product production.

We will promote intelligent operations 

Connect RFID and other Internet of things technologies with management information systems such as ERP, PLM, CRM and SCM, so as to make the upstream and downstream of the supply chain and all links of the industrial chain seamlessly connect, realize intelligent operation and refined management of the enterprise, promote collaboration within the enterprise and supply chain, and realize open innovation. We will make full use of the high penetration of the Internet of things technology to achieve extensive interconnection between upstream and downstream industries and across fields, break the "information island" and promote integration and innovation. We will make use of the Internet of things technology to trace products, chemicals, water, energy and other products to improve our green manufacturing capability.


Promoting intelligent products and services 

The Internet of things technology is applied in products, equipment, processes and services, the data collected and accumulated by iot devices are deeply mined, the transfer of industrial value to data-based services is promoted, and the manufacturing service is realized. We will develop new models such as the sharing economy and continue to enrich our services. We will build a platform for the Internet of things, which will bring into full play the agglomeration effect and network effect of the platform, and innovate and develop new businesses such as crowdsourcing, collaborative manufacturing and intelligent services. The combination of sensing, communication and artificial intelligence technology with textile technology will accelerate the development of intelligent products, turn products into service entry points, and guide manufacturing enterprises to transform from manufacturing type to "manufacturing + service" and "product + service".

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