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From the technical innovation of spinning machine industry to the innovation direction

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In recent years, the textile machinery industry has actively carried out innovation and structural adjustment, made great efforts to improve the level of textile equipment manufacturing, improved the quality and reliability of domestic textile machinery manufacturing, insisted on independent innovation, and continued to improve the development capacity of new products and the innovation ability of enterprises.


There is no way out without innovation 

According to a survey questionnaire, 74.5 percent of the 1,048 valid questionnaires surveyed invested research and development funds in product research and development. In recent years, major enterprises in the spinning industry have also accelerated the establishment of technological innovation mechanism and increased the investment in technology research and development. According to the survey conducted by the China textile machinery association on the key enterprises with technical representation in the industry, the proportion of the investment in the enterprise's technology development in the annual sales volume of the enterprise has been increasing in recent years.


The emphasis on technological innovation and the constant investment in "real gold and silver" have significantly improved the innovation ability of the spinning machine enterprises. According to the data, the key enterprises of textile machinery were granted 457 authorized invention patents, 740 utility model patents and 40 appearance design patents in 2017. Among them, the authorized invention patents have been greatly improved, showing the vigorous innovation vitality of the spinning machine enterprises. A review of nearly one year's textile machine technology innovation results can also see the direction of future innovation.


High-end: high yield, high speed, automation, differentiation 

In textile machinery technology development situation, in 2017 China's textile machinery association, vice President of Japan, said the textile machinery industry innovation and structural adjustment work actively, efforts to improve the level of textile equipment manufacturing, improve the manufacturing quality and reliability of the domestic textile machinery, adhere to independent innovation, continue to promote the new product development ability, innovation ability of enterprises, to high-end development of textile equipment.


Intelligence: key breakthrough, gradual progress 

With the help of such tasks as "pilot demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing", the textile equipment is developing rapidly to intelligence. In 2017, several ministries and commissions of the national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology and the ministry of science and technology launched special projects to support the technological development of enterprises. Many enterprises in the field of textile and textile machinery have been selected for national project support.


With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing technology in the textile field, the textile industry has gone from single machine intelligence to system digitization, automation and intelligence. In the future, the textile industry will further deepen the promotion and application of intelligent manufacturing, improve the digitization and intelligence level of textile equipment, improve the labor productivity, production flexibility and product quality of the industry, and promote the high-end development of the industry. 


In addition, the China textile machinery association has completed the preparation of two government research reports, namely, the study on intelligent equipment in textile industry by the national development and reform commission and the implementation target and path study of intelligent manufacturing in textile industry by the ministry of industry and information technology. The two research reports have been completed in July and May 2017 respectively, and have passed the review and acceptance of the two ministries and commissions. The report provides advice and Suggestions for the government to support the industrial restructuring of the textile industry and the improvement of the level of textile equipment, especially for the well-planned, representative and technologically advanced industrialization projects that can be completed in the next three years. 


Two research reports put forward the necessity and urgency of developing intelligent textile equipment. The development trend of technology and market demand are discussed. On the basis of the guiding opinions on the development of the textile machinery industry in the 13th five-year plan, the development principle of "key breakthrough and gradual progress" was put forward according to the actual situation of the industry.


Standardization: service industry development 

The technical progress of the industry needs to be led by standards and supported by standards. According to li yi, as of December 31, 2017, there are 118 national standards in the textile machinery industry, 411 industrial standards and a total of 529 standards. 


International standards work of the technical committee for the standardization of textile machinery and accessories (ISO/TC72) and its six sub-technical committees of the international organization for standardization of SAC/TC215. ISO/TC72 currently has 148 standards, 17 of which are divided into the cotton processing standard committee and the garment washing machinery standard committee in China, and 131 are international standards in the field of textile equipment. At present, 108 international standards have been converted into Chinese standards, with a conversion rate of 85.7%. 


In 2017, the state standards commission promulgated and implemented a national standard in the field of textile machinery and accessories, part 15: agglomeration spinning device, which is the first basic national standard independently formulated by the textile machinery industry. In 2017, the ministry of industry and information technology promulgated 32 industrial standards in the field of textile machinery and accessories, two of which were basic general standards, one was method standards, and 29 were product standards. Of these, 12 are newly formulated standards and 20 are revised standards.


It is worth mentioning that the construction of a standardized system for intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry is progressing smoothly, li said. In accordance with the national intelligent manufacturing standards system construction guide ", in the ministry and the China electronics technology standardization institute and other relevant departments under the guidance of China textile machinery association, relying on the national textile machinery and accessories standardization technical committee began in the textile industry organizations to carry out the standardization of intelligent manufacturing related work, on behalf of the industry to participate in the national intelligent manufacturing standards system construction guide "revision of the work, and participate in the strategy of the Chinese academy of engineering consulting project studies of China's textile industry development strategy of intelligent manufacturing and its corpus" intelligent textile manufacturing generic technology and standards ". 


In 2017, four comprehensive standardization projects in the textile industry were selected for the comprehensive standardization of intelligent manufacturing and the application of new models. This means that the standardization of intelligent manufacturing plants (workshops) in the textile industry has been carried out.

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