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KF0086 Automatic windering machine
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    • KF0086 Automatic windering machine
Product Details
1Type:Single spindle single face arrangement,divided into left hand and right hand11

Micro-coputer monitor system :Display and print statistics data sush as single spindle,single section,effcency of the whole machine,number oif bobbins,connection number of 10,000 M,and failing number of connection etc..

2Number of spindle:30-60(1 group of 10 spindles)12Automatic operation :Thread connection automatically,bobbins-changing automatically,cutting out failing yarn,trans-mitting empty bobbins automatically,dust-removing auto-matically
3Suitable thread density :5-120tex(about 120-5 Ne)13

Automatic stop:Automatic stop for certain length of package,bobbin,automatic stop for connsecutive three times thread connection failure,automatic stop of yarn winding sleeve,automatic stop for compressing air pressure lower than the assigned value

4Suitable material :Coton,wool,pure or blending yarn of chemical short fibre14Air-drawer:Air quantity 70m3/min、Air pressure7*10-3MPa
5Max bobbin dimension :¢300mm*150mm15Power:27.03kw
6Suitable bobbin slope rate:3°30';4°20';5°57';9°15'16Noise of the whole machine :< 90dB
7Spooling velosity :800-1200m/min17Dimension of machine :22500mm*1700mm*2350mm

Type of tidying yarn :multi-functional tidying device,cut out short and coarse,long and coarse,fine connection double yarn.

18Compressing air working pressure :0.65MPa
9Connecting method :Air twisting connection19Weight of machine :10400kg for 60 spindles,reducing 1200 in weight each time the number of spindles decreasing 10 for the others
10Length-defining device:Electronic length-defining and me-chanical length defining  
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